Ruts Ridge Farm

Welcome to Ruts Ridge Farm

processing prices


On  hang weight .98 lb. 

rendering $80.00

 corn beef $1.10 lb.

patties $1.50lb. ten pound minimum 

single wrap steaks $20.00 per sided 

cryovac burger $20. 00 per side 


On hang weight $.98lb. 

rendering $45.00

smoke $1.25lb. 

all sausage pig $1.10

goats & lambs

weight up to 50lb $80.00

weight 51to 80lb.$90.00

weight 81and over $100.00

pelts saved $20.00


hog casing natural links $2.50lb.

lamb casing natural links $3.25lb 

patties and skinless links $1.50lb.

all batch 10lb minimum 

snack stick (beef or venison or other wild game ) $4.25lb 

kielbasa $5.75lb. W/cheese $6.50lb

snappy hotdog $6.75lb.w/cheese $7.50lb

summer sausage $5.75lb w/cheese$6.50lb

bologna $5.25lb w/cheese $6.00lb 

type of chees jalapeño  or cheddar

outside house order

we will gladly smoke outside orders 

$1.45lb for just smoked .

$2.00lb for smoke, cut and wrap .

deer hunters 

we do process deer please call ahead as we have limited space and wheels for deer . drop of hours are 3pm-7pm mon-fri 

sat -5pm 

cost of processing up to 110lb -$110.00 anything over is .50 cent lb. 

 capes and rugs $50.00

all capes at time of pick up will pay for full processing .

our specialty work will be done in January 



rabbits $6.00 each

chickens 5.50 up to 6lb.  $6.50 for over 6lbs

split half and quarter $1.50 each bird

additional separation $3.00 each 

organ an feet $1.00 a bird bulk 

packed in bird $2.00

pheasants $5.50 a bird 

turkeys by weight up 20lb. $15.00

21lb to 30lb $16.00

31lb. to 40 lb.$17.00

over 40lbs $20.00  

organs and feet bulked $2.50 a bird 

packed in bird  $3.00

About Us

our sausages


our blends are 

sweet , breakfast, mild Italian , hot and bratwurst, 

our smokes meats


we offer our customer choices to change up their meat 

kielbasa, summer sausage , hotdogs bologna 

wild game


we process wild game: venison , elk, moose , 


 bison and alpaca 


Our services

we can except live and  carcass animals for processing .

we are NOT FOR SALE  facility 

we reserve the right to refuse any animal or carcass not fit for consumption ,

our smoke meat

our  smoke meat have nitrite in them 


we do our own sausage recipe but we can add or lessen a spice to your needs

premix : mild italion 

spices are

paprika ,black pepper , crush red pepper flake ,granulated garlic . salt ,sugar ,fennel, sage 

other product we use are dry milk, soy Sause. Worcestershire Sauce

Site Content

holidays hours closing

January 1 

Easter closed 

memorial day  Sunday, Monday 

july 4 

November Wednesday,  Thursday Thanks giving day 

December 24-26 Christmas day 

News Years eve closed and news year day 

let Share info

      Deer hunters 

 We  are a deer processor but call ahead as we are limited for wheels and cooler space drop off hours are 3PM to 7PM mon thru fri sat 2-5pm

we like to keep farming community thriving have live stock to cell post it Facebook page or our shop .


We have cooler and freezer charges that are $15.00 a day for meat not picked up in seventy two hours .

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